Our Banner Materials

Below is a list of materials that we use to create the quality product you count on to make your event stand out from the rest!

Our Substrates

13oz Standard Vinyl Banner
These Custom High Quality Outdoor Banners are made of a strong 13 oz., UV protected, nylon re-enforced Vinyl. Our banners can be used indoors or outdoors, and are built to last.

16oz Heavy Vinyl Banners
Our 16oz Vinyl Banners are one of the strongest, smoothest, most versatile 16 oz. banner materials in the industry.  Made of a strong, UV protected, FL coated, and nylon re-enforced vinyl, these banners are an ideal choice for high stress billboards, banner and truck-side applications.

SuperSmooth Vinyl Banners
SuperSmooth Blockout is a 15 oz. scrimless, blockout banner material. The smooth surface provides a quality look and is ideal for high resolution graphics. The material is designed for indoor use.

Mesh Banners
Our 8 oz. Mesh banners are versatile and great for many uses, but specifically for outdoor use because of their unique construction.  These custom banners are made with a breathable mesh to allow air to flow through the banner; allowing you still use the banner on windy days. With the breathable full color custom mesh, the usual winds won’t be tugging against the seams of the banner and twisting in the wind, insuring long lasting use.